DICK ANZA- Director

Dick has been in the motor industry for over 43 years. In 1988 he established Perth Swedish Auto Centre as a specialised Volvo and European Car specialist. His workshop is a second home with a family feel. You’ll never just be a number in his ‘home’ when you step into Perth Swedish Auto you become part of the ‘family’.


LISA ANZA- Business Development Manager

Lisa may be a face that greets you on your arrival to Perth Swedish Auto Centre. She looks after the marketing and business relations of the company. Occasionally putting on a few different ‘hats’ in the business, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and helping the boys in the workshop. On alternate day’s Lisa also runs her own business from an office at Perth Swedish and is known to take up the front reception area with her own stock and marketing brochures; much to her father’s dislike.


JAMES STEWART- Service Manager

James has been with Perth Swedish Auto Centre for over 5 years and is usually your ‘Go-To’ man. He leads the workshop and is very knowledgeable in all facets of the motor industry. He has a love for his many cars and it’s safe to say he has probably succeeded in making his solid old turbo-charged Volvo’s quicker than his SS Commodore.


ROBERT MUIR- 2IC / Mechanic

Robert also known as Bobby, works alongside James in leading the team at Perth Swedish Auto. With over 30 years’ experience, Bobby has managed various workshops and grown with the changes in the motor industry. Whether it’s a P1800 Volvo or the new XC90, Bobby brings great insight and understanding to the team.


JAKE VAREY- Mechanic

Jake is originally from the U.K, where he started his trade at the young age of 15 years. After moving to Australia he specialised in working on European Cars; predominately AUDI. Jake brings an array of knowledge in the up to date diagnostics of new European makes/models vehicles and 4WD’s. When Jake isn’t at Perth Swedish auto; he’s enjoying restoring his many Land Rovers and 4 Wheel Driving.


NAM CHOO- Mechanic

Nam has worked his way through his apprenticeship at Perth Swedish Auto Centre. Now qualified; he joins our teams as a fully qualified vehicle technician. Nam is a dedicated hard worker during and after work hours; as he is also a part of the Australian Army Reserve. In Nam’s down time you’ll find him cycling for many hours or riding his pride and joy motorbike.

Corey Wright

Corey Wright- Mechanic

Our newest edition to the team; Corey is originally from Northampton in the U.K where he completed his Diploma at a European Dealership, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion for VAG vehicles. When Corey isn’t at Perth Swedish Auto Centre; he continues to ‘swing spanners’ at home restoring his 1972 VW Beetle.